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If you are in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s and think your glory days are behind you when it comes to being at your top physical condition, minimal body fat that you enjoyed in your 20’s – have I got a SHOCKING story to share with you about getting fit…

It was an unbearably humid Summer day on our secluded Marine Corps Base in Southern Georgia.

Captain Bruce Scullion, a decorated Special Operations Commander and I were preparing for the day’s training session.

In short, Bruce was 40 years old but felt like his body was 60. You see, he survived a total of 3 improvised explosive devices set by the Taliban while on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

It was my job to bring Bruce back to 100% so that he could return to serve his country again.

The only problem was that Bruce was so torn up from being in battle that he had nearly lost control of his body.


Over time, he had gained body fat and his fitness took a plumet.

Let me tell you that I will never forget that day with Bruce… because it was the first day of a 10-week journey that showed me, firsthand, the level of detication that our nation’s heros have – how far they are willing to go in order to fight for our freedom.


I’ll get back to Bruce’s story in just a minute, but first, I want to share with you what we did to get Bruce strong again and with less than 10% bodyfat.


Like I said above, Bruce’s body had been through war, literally. So if you think your best and healthiest days are behind you – you’re selling yourself short.


See, in the beginning, Bruce was so beat up that he could only complete about 15 unbroken push ups and barely finish the endurance test.


Let it be known that all of the credit belongs to Bruce. He stepped up and took the road less traveled.


I’ll get back to Bruce’s story in a moment, but first, it’s important for you to know how we got here…

New Research Proves WHY Common, Out-Dated Exercise Routines are Adding Fat to Your Midsection and Making You Weaker

You may think that I am completely out of my mind when I say that traditional exercise is actually causing you to plateau and gain fat on top your abs, back and arms.


And beleive me, I know what it is like having tried every supplement at the store and spending hours jogging/ lifting weights… all to seem weaker and with less energy as time goes by…


It’s seems like a helpless road without any return, right?

Well, that’s exactly where I was before I found the solution to my endless belly bloating and lack of energy.

“There’s got to be a more effective way to skin this,” I thought to myself.


So being the college student I was.. I ditched studying for Poli Sci and began researching the most effective methods for burning fat and gaining strength in minimal time, without supplements and without the mumbo jumbo of the fitness industry.


Just the cold hard science.


I even went as far as to change my degree, get a Master’s in Exercise Science and obtain 6 different training certifications along the way – I probably have over 100,000 unclaimed air-miles from flying around the United States meeting the most respected individuals in the Strength and Conditioning Profession.


The key moment was right before graduation…. when I ran across a peer reviewed study from the University of Tampa, FL.

What the study suggested is that those who participate in long, frequent and high impact exercise have up to a 60% higher chance of heart complications, back pain and even premature aging.


On the other hand, subjects who completed specific and short bodyweight only training routines experienced greater overall fat loss results as opposed to the control group.


I referenced these studies while testing my Marines and Special Forces personnel to find the most time effective solution for getting a strong, sculpted physique.


You’ve probably heard that Marines are some of the hardest workers alive… but that did not keep most of them from making 3 of the most common mistakes that I observed before we began training together.

The common thought that you have to lift weights with speed and ferocity is a very common misnomer. It’s caught literally every one of us off guard. Most of us bought into this mistake because if you aren’t lifting quickly, you’re not being manly.

Nearly every Marine that I worked with was making this mistake initially and I want to help you stop making it ASAP because it is a primary reason you are lacking to experience your best physique.

Lifting heavy weights certainly has it’s place, when done in a logical fashion and with specific goals. Unfortunately, the majority of people have no clue what lifting heavy is for. Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy weights is not the most efficient method for sculpting your body or conditioning your core to have a six pack.

My Marines had a very hard time letting this one go and some all out refused. It was no surprise that many of them either injured thier joints or looked the same after 10-weeks. Heavy weight lifting is the #1 cause of injury in exercise environments and was rampant in our gym. If you have the goal of sculpting your physique for long term results, stop lifting heavy weights day in and day out.

I’ll divulge the more logical alternative to this below in just a minute, so keep reading. (hint: it’s not lifting light weights).

Another problem that most men struggle with is the notion that you have to spend a magic number of hours working out each week in order to experience great results. This could not be further from the truth. My Marines in particular were under the assumption that they needed to workout for atleast 45 minutes per day while pairing with mistakes #1 and #2, of course.

Listen, my Marines didn’t have anymore spare time to waste. It was mind boggling that several men told me that they just stopped training because they wouldn’t get results if they only had 2 hours per week to train.

Again, this notion could not be further from the truth. I’m about to share the key body sculpting secret that I shared with my Marines that caused them to sculpt their physique in only 45-minutes per week – and that’s 45-minutes, total.


Now that you are fully aware of what Mistakes to stop making immediately if you want to finally burn fat off of your body and build true full body strength like never before…

Here is the EXACT Body Sculpting Method that I Used to Completely Transform Over 500 US Marines
Length Tension Overload (TM) Principle

Intention can also be described as “mind muscle connection,” and it’s probably the best kept secret in building the coveted physique of public figures like Jason Statham and Christian Bale.


But before you start drawing any conclusions, intention isn’t as simple as focusing on contracting, say, your tricep during a push up. Intention involves using simple laws of physiques to your favor in order to stimulate the maximum threshold of muscle stimulation.

This principle was first brought to light by the legendary physicist, Albert Einstein. Einstein proved the law of compound interest many times throughout his life.


The idea of compound interest as it pertains to muscle stimulus means that when you place a repetative stimulus on top of itself to magnify the effectiveness and ultimately, strength quality of the tissue. This is incredibley important, because the higher quality of muscle tissue will translate to a lower level of body fat.


Here’s how you can start using compound muscle stimulus today along with intention to literally double the speed and effect of your of your strengthening and fat loss results.

Metabolic Conditioning is quickly becoming the most popular cardio method for fat loss. Unfortunately, though, it normally isn’t paired with Intention and Compound Muscle Stimulus.


METCON challenges the phosphagen, glyocolytic and oxygenetic (aerobic) energy systems of your body in contrast to normal cardio exercise, which is 100% aerobic.


By challenging all three energy systems, you use every pathway at your body’s disposal in order to burn more fat and build lean, chiseled muscle.

Okay – I know that was a ton of info, but let me assure you that it’s nearly as easy as pressing play, just like those short videos above.


Just make sure that you review the day by day blueprint that I designed for the Marines below, okay? You remember Bruce’s story above, right?


He and I finished training for 45-minutes per week with the program that I had designed for him and over 500 Marines on base…


Take a look at his after photo…


I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the pictures speak for themselves and that Length Tension Overload simply WORKS.

As Promised, Here is the Exact 10-Week Bodyweight Protocol that Will get You Strong and Ripped in Just 15-Minutes
Just Like it did for my Marines

In the final 2-weeks, I teach and share how I continue pushing myself and maintaining results for the rest of the year without worrying about ending back at square one like the majority of programs.


You see, not too long before I became the official Fitness Instructor to Bruce and the Marines…


I had ZERO self confidence and my physique followed suit.


That was the main motivator behind me studying and practicing to find the answer how to build my ultimate body – to finally achieve my genetic and God Given potential.


As you can see – I took the same, proven plan that I designed for US Marines and have used it on my own body over three times since 2014.


The results speak for themselves….


You have my permission to take this information, exploit it for your own transformation success.

All You Need to Claim Your Marine Body Can Be Found In

The Marine Body, Complete 10-Week System
Your Future Marine Body

As soon as you grab your personal copy of The Marine Body System, I want you to turn immediately to The Training Handbook where you will learn exactly how to use these same principles to start building strength and burning fat right away.


You’ll also be following me through each and every workout along.

Literally, all you have to do is push play and follow me.


By the end of your first week, you’ll experience some pleasant surprises, like..

More Energy and Mental Awareness .
Increased Endurance with Everyday Activities, Like Going Up Stairs .

You’ll Enjoy Your Favorite Sports and Hobbies more because of the

Stimulation of Your Body’s Natural Hormones .
Flexibility of your hips, hamstrings and shoulders will increase with
each week.
You’ll feel and look strong!

Just be sure to take a photo every other week so that you’ll always remember how incredibly fast your belly fat started to disappear (This is an exciting process – trust me).


Just remember – this is all backed by Human Science and My Marines..


That’s exactly why..

The Marine Body will work for You Even If…
You Have “Poor Genetics” like me
You Think You are Too Old
Nearly Everything You Have Tried in the Past Has Completely Failed You
You Have Never Served in the Military before. Most of the Marine Body family consists of everyday folks like you and me.
Or even You think you couldn’t ever achieve a Marine Body.

Simply follow this proven system and you WILL achieve a physique that you have been desiring. You WILL feel like the stronger, more purposeful version of yourself.


The only question is…

Will You Step Up and Claim a Higher Version of Yourself?

Before we go one step further, I need to be 100% honest with you..

If you’re looking for yet another quick fix, or something you ALREADY KNOW will never, ever work for you in the long run? Then You Should Leave this page right now. This is not some nonsense “miracle” cure for gaining strength.This is for men over 30 who are ready to stop looking for the path of least resistance and start getting results…

In short, there are no easy answers but The Marine Body makes getting shredded as streamlined as it gets. So, if you’re ready for the REAL TRUTH behind what it takes to succeed in obtaining a Marine Physique, here’s what you can expect:

If you’re are a normal guy that is fed up with your body and a life that just isn’t good enough for you right now that’s who I really created this system for. Those who are seeking a proven and done-for-you method to trigger impressive full-body strengthening that comes along with burning fat. So if you’re wanting the REAL, no BS answer for obtaining Marine caliber strength and fat loss then this is the ONLY system for you.

Take my youngest brother, Karson, for example..
Or Will You Wonder What Happened?

10-Weeks from now where will you be?


Will you be enjoying your strong, newfound physique? Or will you be wondering why you never bothered to take action today?


Will your belly still look the way it does today, or will it be lean and de-bloated? Will you still be wearing the same size clothes that you are today?


The sad truth is, 99% of people that see this page will never take this incredible opportunity and change – for the better… because you owe it to yourself.


Only ONE in ten people will take action.. and everyone else will remain exactly where they are in a year’s time.


Think just for a second..


Do you want to be part of the 99% of people (The Average)? Or – do you want to be seen as the statistical 1% that pushes forward and creates the body and life on their own terms.


This is exactly why…



Because I admire and respect guys like you who have taken action to read this far… If you are willing to make the tiny investment of for the life-changing rewards you’ll get from The Marine Body.. If you are willing to be a role model and leader for your family and community..


Then I’m willing to let you have the entire Marine Body System with some really awesome bonuses for just one, secure payment of just $25 (more than 70% off the regular price of $95).




Beings I have spent hundreds of hours creating The Marine Body System and well over $2000 on high quality production, it just doesn’t make sense for me to keep the 70% discount for ever.


For that reason, I have to limit this one-time offer for the first 1,000 people who take action quickly. But after 1,000 copies have been claimed, I will have to raise the price back to it’s normal price.


So make sure you take action now to claim your Marine Body System.

PLUS, I’m Giving You These FREE Bonuses Today, That Will Accelerate 

Your Results and Make Your Decision Even Easier…
You Have ZERO Risk..

You don’t even have to decide today whether The Marine Body is the perfect program for you. Here’s what I mean – there is already enough trash and bogus claims out there on the internet.


That is exactly why I decided to put it ALL on the line, right here and prove my commitment to not only my Marines, but also to you and the entire Marine Body family.


In fact, that is why you can try any of my fitness and nutrition programs for a full 60-days to test drive the program for yourself. If for any reason at all if you decide that The Marine Body is not your cup of tea, you will be covered by my 100% Iron Clad, Money Back Gaurantee. Oh, and…


I’ll even let you keep the four bonuses I just mentioned above, just as a token of my appreciation for giving The Marine Body as shot!


If you take action today and invest in TMB, you’re protected by my personal, 60-day no questions asked, Iron Clad Money back Guarantee.
If you decide that for any reason what so ever, TMB is NOT what you expected… I’ll issue a quick refund for every single penny that you invested today.

Now, remember that you are getting everything that you see below – the entire Marine Body System PLUS The Nutrient Timing Manual, Quickstart Guide, Printable Workout Log and Supplement Guide (a combined value of $95) – for just a one time payment of $25 today, if you still qualify as part of the first 1,000 copies.

*To verify if your discounted price is still yet available, just click the “See If You Qualify” Button Below.

Better Everyday,

Jason Klein, MS, CSCS

Former Fitness Instructor to the US Marines

PS. All of the credit is due to the brave Men and Women who serve in the US Marines. Without them, none of this would ever have been brought to those who desperately needed it the most.


As I mentioned before, The Marine Body system has been proven time and time again, and not just on Men. Countless Women have also particpated and excelled tremendously with The Marine Body.


It’s time, now – for you to claim your Marine Body.


PPS. Remember, you’re fully covered by my Iron Clad, 100% Money Back Gaurantee. You are completely free to try The Marine Body RISK FREE for 60-days and if you decide that it is not your cup of tea, just send me a quick message and I’ll send you a full refund.


Click the link below to see if you still qualify for the discounted price… good luck :).

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